Peak Performance

Let’s face it, I beat myself up every day – and I’m not talking just mentally!

I have tried quite a few products and so far, the one that works is the Combat Cream from Peak Performance. The mad scientist behind the formula actually trains at my gym, so I know he’s on the up and up. He set me up with a wholesale account so I can be a vendor to my fellow athletes and also to my massage clients.

There is the possibility I may lose come clients since the cream is so awesome they won’t need me… But that’s a risk I’m willing to take!

I will be starting out just offering my two favorite items, and add on as demand grows. Contact me if you would like to purchase! I sell them out of my office but do have shipping options available and would be more than happy to meet  up with you at a competition in order to exchange!

Combat Cream – $20

Combat Cream

This is magic in a bottle. You can check out their webpage for what is in it, so I’m just gonna tell you it’s awesome! Way better than biofreeze AND tiger balm combined! I had a friend try it and she said it was stronger than Thai liniment.

I use it on my knee when it gets tweaked and inflamed. I rub it in at night, wrap it in plastic wrap, then put a bandage around it. I’ll wake up in the morning feeling great! A few days in a row of that and I’m good as new! If I skip a day however… I’m barely able to bend my knee in the morning. Urg!

It’s also awesome on a sore back, and post-training soreness. I am very possessive of my bottle so get your own!


Energize Liquid B-12: – $12

B-12 Liquid

I used to go in to the clinic and pay $25 a pop for a B-12 shot when I hit the angry and hateful phase of my weight cut. This stuff does the trick just as well, and I get to avoid a needle in the butt!

Seriously, I’m so happy that I get to avoid the needle in my butt!




You can browse the rest of their product, or order for yourself through my Affiliate Link Here! It will cost a little extra, but you’ll get it shipped out to you straight away, and I’ll still earn a bit for the referral!

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