The Brain Stew

I have been doing a lot of planning and organizing this past week. Here is a collection of the things floating through my brain.

  • I am 28 days out from leaving again to go see my family and compete in the New York Gi and No Gi Championship.
  • Booked my plane tickets (thank you air miles!)
  • Not registered yet as I need to do a few more massages in order to get the funds.
  • Haven’t seen my family in quite a while, so I am REALLY looking forward to seeing them, and to have them cheer me on at the competition.
  • It is far too easy now to drink a gallon of water a day.
  • Dad is planning to book a room at the same hotel he stayed in for one of his Ironman races – he said it was really nice, reasonably priced, and near the metro (a rare combo in NYC!)
  • I plan to take a bus (or hitch a ride) from NY down to DC after competing and spend the week training with my Team Lloyd Irvin crew. I’ve got a lot to work on before Worlds next year!
  • The plan is to spend a week out of each month training at TLI in Maryland. While home in Nashville, I will be practicing whatever assignments I am given. If I can’t afford a plane ticket, an overnight bus ticket will do.
  • I’ve started a free weights training program – focusing on low rep, high weight, and explosive movements. Right now I’m using my own bodyweight loaded on the bar, but I want to work up to double my body weight.
  • The Asian Championships are about three months away. I would like to do feather weight this time around, but we shall see. I purchased the plane ticket in January when there was a fare sale that was too good to pass up.
  • After the NY Open in July, I will not likely be competing until the Asian Open – as I need to make sure I have all the rest of the expenses for that trip covered. I can make it on $600 (lodging, event registration, food, transportation), but would rather not have to be on a super tight budget for the entire two weeks in Japan.
  • I will be climbing Mt. Fuji – most likely the day after I arrive in Japan. I can’t really wait until later since climbing season ends a couple days after I arrive.

So yea, kind of random, but that is everything my brain is processing today.

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