Fuji BJJ Tournament – Nashville

This past Saturday (July 11), I decided at the last minute to compete in the Fuji BJJ Nashville competition. I am thrilled to report that this was probably the best run regional tournament I have attended thus far! If you get a chance to attend one, go!

The weight classes for women were a little odd. The webpage listed them as:

110 lbs and under
110 lbs – 130 lbs
130 and up

So yea, I was in the “and up” category.

I ended up with one opponent in my Gi division. It was a fun match and I ended up winning with a bread cutter choke from north-south top.

I had more matches in No Gi because I think everyone just ended up all combined. I won my first match with an arm bar, and second by RNC. I was asked by my friend Deanna to do a match with one of her students since she had no one in her division to match up with. Had some fun hand fighting before locking in a guillotine from standing.

I do wish there had been more advertising done for this event. I’m considering making the trip out to their St. Louis event coming up soon!

The Cookie Move:

My coaches definitely know what it takes to motivate me! I was shown a control/attack position the day before the tournament and promised a cookie if I pulled it off at the tournament. I was quite pleased to text my coach to inform him of my favorite flavor! Ginger Molasses (vegan AND gluten free!) awesomeness! Will Sub For Cookies!

On The Road Again

Now I am going to go pack my bags for my flight to New York in the morning. I will be competing this Saturday and Sunday in the IBJJF New York Open. The schedule and brackets are already up so I’ll be starting on Saturday on mat 10 at around 1:20 pm for 4 Gi matches. On Sunday I’ll be competing on mat 8, starting around 4 pm with two No Gi matches to win. At least I can sleep in a bit!

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