1,000 Burpees In A Week?

I had the brilliant idea that I would start doing a weekly training challenge in conjunction with the launch of my new webpage (more on that next week!)

This week I am tackling 1,000 burpees. I’ve broken it down to 150 a day for the first 5 days, and then 125 for the last two days. This is made more achievable by further breaking them down into sets of 25.

Today is the first day and I decided I would also film them all just so I would have proof to share! I threw in some extra at the end just because I felt like it. Total for the day, 160. I counted 165 but I am calling it 160 to account for the possibility of miscount.

I do have to modify and not do a push up at the bottom because of a nagging shoulder injury, which does make it a bit less impressive I’m afraid. I do promise that my quads and abs are already feeling it though! Tomorrow should be entertaining!

Other Big News!

My gym is in the process of moving! We are consolidating with our other location in East Nashville and have to be moved completely by the 1st.

It is going to be a different layout, but we won’t actually be losing any mat space. The kids will be getting their own separate room as well! It will be different, but I think it will end up being a good thing!

This does complicate matters a bit for me as this means my massage office space will be moving, and the office build out is not completed yet. Also since I do not have a car this meant a hour long bus commute (the bus system in Nashville isn’t the most efficient), or I have to move. I’ve opted to move and just rent a room near the new gym location.

So on the to do list for this week:

Move Gym
Move Massage Office
Move Home
Do 1,000 Burpees

I think I can consider myself busy!

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