Off to Europe!

Well I’m sitting at my gate in the Nashville airport. I’ve got about 90 minutes to kill so I figured now is a good time to put in an overdue update!

I competed 2 weeks ago in my first submission only tournament. Won my division and had a total of 4 fights – not too shabby! I made a mistake in the open finals and lost to an armbar from guard. I stood when I should have stacked… Not gonna do that again!

The last month has been some pretty high intensity training! I feel ready to do this! Had a private lesson with my coach yesterday morning and he ran me through my game plan. I love drilling! It’s what makes a move look effortless!

Flight Plan:
I’m flying from Nashville to New York. I’ll be changing to an Italian airline there and flying to Milan after a 3 hour layover. That 3 hours will probably be just enough time to make my gate by boarding call. I’ll have to change terminals, check in at the front, and go through security again.

I’ll arrive in Milan at about 9:00 am local time. I have a 9 hour layover (by design!) So I’m gonna take a train into town and walk around. I’m good on weight so I’m gonna allow myself some gelato!

From Milan, I fly on (yet another) airline to Lisbon. I’ll arrive close to 8:00 pm (or 20:00) and am gonna try to figure out how to get to my hotel by bus instead of taxi. I’ve got maps of where I need to be – so it’ll be an adventure!

I’m sharing a hotel room with another Lloyd Irvin team member. We will both be competing the day after we arrive. My division isn’t scheduled until about 3:30 – she’s before noon I think.

I’ve been awake all night. My way to combat jet lag is to stay awake the night before, and sleep on the plane. I wake up when we land and then stay up until nightfall. Works every time!

Due to my sleep deprived condition, I’m gonna stop now before this turns into a never-ending ramble of magnificent proportions!

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