New Black Eye!

Well I skipped training yesterday – needed some recovery time from that pounding on Saturday.

Still went fairly light today. I’ll be skipping the 5 pm hard sparring class this week since I don’t wanna be beat up for the EGO tournament this weekend.

At 10 I rolled with one of our black belts who has been out with a bum knee. I call him mountain man – since he’s so huge. I’m small enough that his knee wouldn’t be in too much danger. He remarked that my movements would be very well suited for no gi since my guard passes aren’t grip dependent. He recommended I take some no gi classes.

11:30 we drilled some knee on belly escapes. I got to roll some with coach. He said he’s gonna regret teaching me shit because my legs were giving him all kinds of hell. He showed me an awesome lapel choke from a wizard – and by awesome, I mean excruciating.

I came in at 6 and watched the no gi class. Blue spider was there and decided to ask coach if I’d be getting my beat down for my blue belt. Thanks dude – apparently I’ll be having the skin peeled from my backside.

Class at 7 was run by our neutron star purple belt. I call him that because he’s very small, but can weigh a ton when he wants to. I told him that today and he seemed quite pleased – mentioned making that into a patch.

We drilled some spider guard sweeps – yummy! I had another girl to drill with and we rolled for a nice 15 min round after drilling (neutron forgot the timer). I got her in a cross choke and a triangle. She gave me a small black eye with her elbow, and I made her almost throw up. Twas a good night!

I’m gonna start circuit training in the morning with blue spider. He’s gonna be cutting 25lbs for the IBJJF Chicago Opens next month. I’ve only got another 8 lbs to go with my cut – started early to make it easier. Started 141, down to 134. I need to get to 125 for feather weight. So far so good!

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