I Need A Plan

Hmmm what can I say about today? Coach wasn’t there this morning to give me my promised beating but I did get to drill some side control bottom escapes (always useful!)

Did some rolling at 10 – started out no gi with one of the guys, then did some gi with a visiting blue belt. He said I’m a “very good white belt”.

Got my ankle slightly hyper extended during drilling at 11:30 – I really just need to stay out of that class on mon and wed. On those days it’s the intro bjj class – all drilling with primarily white and blue belts. I usually end up tweaked in some non-constructive way. Anyhow, I sat and watched the rest of class.

I think I need a concrete training plan. I’m gonna sit down tomorrow with coach and ask him how he wants to see me training. Be it classes, circuits, weights, cardio, or whatever other fiendish ideas he has up his sleeves. I want to know that I’m getting the most out of the time I put in. I kind of feel like I’m just thrashing around and using a ton of energy without a focus.

Got paid today – so I’m going down to the bicycle shop tomorrow afternoon to see about getting a bike. I need some way to get cardio in since I can’t run without dislocating something. I figure it’ll also help strengthen my joints, as well as get me warmed up for class. It’s almost an 8 mile ride to the gym from my house – pretty doable!

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