Moving Right Along

So this morning coach told me “good job for your first tournament!” We’re gonna spend the next 4 weeks before NAGA Memphis getting me working offensively. I’ve proven my guard game, so it’s time to build off that. He wants me to do the IBJJF Chicago Open on August 18th – so that’s the next big goal. After that, it’s Pan Ams.

At 6:30 we were drilling side control top, blocking the hip, and jumping on the head for a kimura when they try to roll. We also practiced some grip breaking for the kimura – including a really mean elbow grind in the ribs.

The guys were doing no gi drilling at 10 and I was the timekeeper. Really glamorous I know, but I can learn a lot by watching.

At 11:30 we drilled a takedown, and a couple of escapes from side control bottom. I also took the opportunity to practice some no hands open guard – did fairly well!

That’s probably gonna be it for today as I work this evening. If I don’t get booked a 7:45 massage, I could go to the 7:15 class as I’ll be done at 7 – but I doubt that will happen.

So probably no rolling today, but that’s all right. My back is a bit sore from being stacked by that big ol’ blue belt on Saturday. Time to Kinesiotape up!

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