The numbers are in! I’ve officially been training in BJJ for 6 weeks as of this last Friday! I started in the MMA program in November but decided to focus on grappling.

Seems like I just slipped right into it – bjj just fits me right. Sure I’ve had “I suck” training days, but I get over it and do better next class. I’ve also had those days when I didn’t want to haul my butt out of bed and go to class. But I did it anyhow!

This last week was the toughest. I hadn’t been getting enough sleep and could feel my body falling apart. I was making stupid mistakes and coming close to injuring myself – my mental game was all off.

I talked with one of the trainers about it on Friday and he told me to go home and sleep. “Sleep and nutrition are very important – without both the body will fall apart”. So I slept about 12 hours (through a tornado!) That night, and again last night. Feeling much better! Should be good to go tomorrow morning!

Can’t wait! Since I don’t have to work for the chiro anymore, I won’t have to be running around doing (unpaid) errands, events, etc. I’ll be training more, but oddly enough, I’ll have more time to relax and play with my dogs (they are poodles incidentally!). Aaahhhhh sweet balance!

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