Sean Roberts Seminar

With Sean Roberts and Fiance, Elizabeth Ruiz

Yesterday we had an awesome seminar with Sean Roberts at our school. I wish more people had shown up, but they missed it and those of use that were there will be “giggling” the lazy bums to death!

Coach wasn’t able to be here, as he had a seminar to teach in Missouri friday night, and then cornered one of our guys, Ben Brewer, last night on v3Fights in Memphis (he won of course!) But we did have 3 of our other black belts attend, so yay for that!

Sean is on a cross country road trip teaching as he goes. Check out his facebook page to see if he will be near you! I highly recommend!

He surprised us by popping in Friday night to train, and I got a roll in. Love his open guard and half guard – someone for me to study further!