My Team

Shawn Hammonds receiving 3rd degree Black Belt promotion from Lloyd Irvin

Shawn Hammonds is who I first started training with in Nashville and he has been a guiding force to this very day. Shawn is a 3rd degree black belt under Lloyd Irvin and, depending on the competition, I compete under either “Team Shawn Hammonds” or “Team Lloyd Irvin”.

I train full time with Shawn and he encourages me to go train with Master Lloyd in Maryland as often as I possibly can. The past two years I have spent the weeks leading up to the World Championships at TLI for training camp – my goal for this coming year is to spend a week per month at TLI.

I love both of my teams, and don’t really consider them to be separate entities. Just two branches of the same family tree – and I think I am stronger for it. I am super blessed to be a part of this crew! Whether I am in Nashville, or Maryland, I am surrounded by people who inspire me to be better every day. My goal is to one day be someone worth looking up to, so I can have a chance to give back to my team.

I love you guys!