Not running terrified from the gym during my first day of training was probably my biggest accomplishment, followed by surviving my first competition experience in May 2012 after only a couple months of training. It has been a long journey since that day!

My instructor, Shawn Hammonds, awarded me my blue belt on June 10th, 2013; my purple belt on February 18, 2017; and my brown belt September 5, 2019. Shawn awarded me my black belt March 6, 2021. I look forward to continuing my journey and trying to be my best every day!

So far my favorite competition accomplishments have been:

  • Medaled twice at the Pan American Championships (1 silver, 1 bronze)
  • Abu Dhabi World Pro Veteran purple belt
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Slam gold medalist, 2x silver
  • 2x No Gi Pan American Championship silver medalist
  • 2x Mexican National Pro Champion (gold)
  • 2x Asian Championship silver medalist
  • 2x Atlanta International Open double gold (won weight class, and open weight class)
  • New York International Open No Gi open weight class champion
  • 5x North American Grappling Association Expert division champion (5 belts)
  • 80+ Total Competition Awards to date