Elite Brand Gi Review

I have had the opportunity to test out the Elite brand gi for the last couple of months. So here is my assessment of the Gi!

Shipping was super fast! It arrived within three days and came with a white belt which I will pass on to a worthy newbie at a future date. I am 5 foot, 4 inches on a tall day, and usually wear a size 6 jean (USA size). I was sent the A1 pink women’s gi which I found to be a bit roomy for my preferred fit. I didn’t mind the sizing since it shrunk a little bit in the dryer for a perfect fit – and I like having training gis that can go into the dryer for faster laundry turn over.

The quality per the price was very good! This gi was sent to me by the company to review for them, but last year I had purchased one as well. For wear and tear and over the course of the year the color has held strongly, seams are  still snug, and the fabric is soft and comfortable to wear. I did not notice a fit difference in the women’s Gi as compared to the standard issue Gi I own from the same company. I get compliments from team mates on both gis whenever I wear one of them.

Overall, this is my top recommendation to people asking about an affordable training gi that will last through multiple washing and drying cycles. I would like to see ladies sizes available by the company in the future – but even their standard fit isn’t as baggy on my frame as some other brands. It will definitely remain in my regular training rotation.

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